In its very design, Home Opera is a modest and unpretentious enterprise. Just like a take-out service, Home Opera delivers a delicious feast to your home – a feast not for the palate, but most certainly for the eyes, the ears and the hearts of our audiences.

Every performance takes place in a home somewhere in Europe, and the only requirements for our hosts’ homes are a well-tuned piano, a kitchen serving as a bar, and room for at least 50 guests. The exact location of the performance remains a secret until 24 hours before the concert starts – a fun feature of our concept that adds to the thrill and to the whole pop-up nature of our brand.

By implementing the best of modern pop-up culture, Home Opera secures a broad popular appeal. Yet at the same time, we refuse to make compromises on quality and professionalism – simply out of respect for our craft. The key to Home Opera’s success may very well be this perfectly balanced mix of popular breadth and professional depth.


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