“I very much enjoyed having you artists and company and then all the opera aficionados in my home which ever since and probably for long time became kind of a concert hall. I still hear and see you singing/playing and then the exciting post concert party with all the guests – that was more than a wonderful equivalent for the kind of chaos, that had come over my place during these 2 days with preparation, rehearsal, tuning the piano – thank you 1000 times!”                                              Dr. Thomas Hering, Gastgeber in Berlin

“It was thrilling to be able to embrace this unique opportunity to
welcome opera into our home and delight our guests with a truly novel musical and  theatrical experience. The programme was varied and entertaining and the implementation was superb.”
Prof. Dr. Karl Max Einhäupl, Berlin

“To bring opera into your own home and share the life of the salons
with friends and guests has been a privilege. Home Opera has with the affection for the music and true vocal passion touched the audience giving unique nights to remember. As host I have been blessed with tears
and warm emotions from good friends and friends to be – and yes,
it was really that good!”
Jeppe Brogaard Clausen, Copenhagen

 Checklist for hosts

The host will provide:

  • the stage (your living-room) with high ceilings (for acoustic reasons)
  • chairs, benches, couches — all you can find to sit on
  • a well tuned piano
  • beverages and snacks for purchase or not  (your choice)
  • a backstage (an extra room that can be made into a dressing-room)
  • access to a toilet for the audience and performers

We will provide:

  • an unforgettable evening with high notes and deep tones, divas and don´s, tears and laughter
  • well-known to less familiar pieces performed by highly trained professional singers and pianists
  • up to 50 chairs for free
  • help at the bar – if necessary
  • management of the reservations over the homepage 
 Questions concerning reservations

When do I get the information about the secret location?

24 hours before the concert guests will receive an email with the address of the secret location. If for any reason an email is not received within 24 hours, please contact us.

What if I am unable to attend the performance?

If you have purchased a ticket for a concert, but are unable to attend, please send us an email 3 days prior to the concert and you will be reimbursed. Please note that Home Opera will not reimbursed any tickets if the request is sent later than 3 days prior to the concert.

NB! video and audio policy

Please note that the concerts of our artists are protected by national and international copyright law. As such, we kindly ask you not to take pictures, or make video and audio recordings, without prior consent.
This applies even for hosts. If you have any questions regarding photography or recordings of any kind, please contact us by.

Interested in hosting HOME OPERA?

Get in touch with us!